Inflation Valuation - StudentCam Entry

Learn about how one small clause in the constitution affects every decision we make!

As one who has always been interested in economics, I have always understood the importance of inflation and the valuation of the US Dollar on our purchasing power. As a result, I decided to study congress' ability to value money as found in the constitution. My interest in this topic certainly allowed me to enjoy both the research and filming of the project. However, the most difficult portion was certainly getting stock footage of various people doing random acts, as many people often feel uncomfortable with being filmed.

One of the most interesting things that I discovered through my benchmark was that there was an "eagle" in addition to the standard dollar. This was primarily interesting since the eagle no longer exists in our economy, nor do many of them still remain. I would've liked to who an eagle in my project; however, I had not found any. My project could've mostly been improved by focusing a little more on how it directly affects myself; I spent much of the time focused on how it affects everyone in their daily lives. Despite this, I think that this project was certainly done very well, as it explained a topic in a way that was both easy to understand itself and its implications. Overall, in addition to learning some tricks for documentaries, this project taught me much about the economic system that affects our daily lives.