Info Graphic: Tennessee Ash Spill (Yasmeen, Manna, Ronald, Maggie)

a. What went well? 
We had an idea, and once we fully understood how we were going to post it. Everything else flowed well enough.
b. What did not? 
Not everyone was there at each work period, nor was everyone on time for us to utilize the full time that we were given, we didn't upload it to moodle yet. And communication outside of class didn't work very well.

c. What would you do differently next time? 
Set up a timeline assign roles and make sure everyone sticks to there roles. Also making sure we were on top of everything as well setting a deadline so that we know how much to pace ourselves. 

d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -
- Visually Appealing
- Not so wordy
- Statistically Sound
- Facts are true
- Colorful
- Interactive (optional)
- Big 
- Stands out 
- Makes sense 
- creative