International Elections - Burma/Myanmar

Our process started with research into organizations that could give us incite into the upcoming elections. With general relations with Burma not being too great, we were limited to educational and aid institutions. These were not too hard to find due to the abundance of these as a result of poor conditions. We chose a couple of organizations and looked into who we could contact within them. We looked into directors, teacher, aid workers and anyone else who had an e-mail attached to their title. We sent out e-mail to these people accounting for the chance that people wouldn't cooperate we sent out quite a lot.

​E-mail conversations can be found here.

Once we began to receive replies we started to recognize a lack of initiative. We did get some sources that people would send us and a couple people directed us to other people. This may have been a result several problems: the insecurity of elections could have been intimidated, the elections weren't guaranteed and voters could have been discouraged, and people could have also questioned the affect our reporting and interest could have had from high school students across the world.