International Relations

The story of how my mother braved a war to connect with the people of El Salvador.
01 English Interview
I think that my podcast really showcases crossing boundaries well. A lot of my questions were centered around this idea, and the rest were very complimentary to these specific questions. I think that the interview went well. I really tried to sit back and let my mother speak her mind instead of leading her into answers that I wanted to hear. I did not know very much about her story until the interview. It was fascinating to sit and listen to her tale. I did not know that she had been the adventurous type in her past. I knew that she loved to travel, but this was a stretch for the imagination. The editing was really the hardest part of the entire project. I could not schedule the interview for an earlier time, so I had barely any time to edit at all. I got by by the skin of my teeth, and I think for that situation I did a very good job. The music especially was hard to choose. I had to find one that was sort of following the theme without going too in depth into the project, really. I really thought that the music I chose did this quite well. It set up the podcast quite nicely, and had a sort of latin them to it. Overall I think that the project went quite nicely and was a good test of my skills and discrepancies.

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