Internet Safety #8-Rivera

In class, we watched the show called Frontline. 
1. This show was about teenagers growing up in the age of technology and how adults are growing accustomed to it and learning how to deal with their children using it.
2.The most memorable thing for me was hearing about the boy who committed suicide and the girl with anorexia. It was really upsetting for me that they didn't get the help that I knew they could've gotten on and off the Internet. 
3. I think its important to not be ignorant to the problems that the Internet can cause and the problems with/on the Internet, even if you haven't faced/seen it yet.
4. I will educate my family early on about how to use the internet safely and smartly. I will, however, give my children freedom to use the internet on their own and leave them to face the consequences when they make a mistake. I will help them and be behind them 100% when they get run into problems on the Internet, but will discipline them when they are in the wrong. 
5. It's important to talk with your family about Internet safety to ensure that everyone stays safe and is doing the right thing whilst using the Internet. 
6. Don't crowd/smother your children while they use the Internet, trust them and ask them occasionally what they are doing on the Internet. Also, make sure that they know that they can be 100% honest with you and can trust you with what they are doing without you jumping to conclusions/judging them. However, if it sounds like something that could be potentially dangerous to your child or is something dangerous, you have every right to discipline them.