Interrupting/Butting into a Conversation Politely

​So for our second to last week of blogs I deiced that I wanted to talk about how to Interrupt/butt into a conversation politely.  Obviously I know how to do this in english for the most part, with most conversations you just say something like excuse me and wait patiently for your turn to budge in.  I just wanted to make sure that it was the same way in spanish and also to find out if there are any other ways that we don't use in english.

As I have said in my other posts I interviewed my old Spanish teacher, Maestra Sandra again. 

I don't know as though I learned as much from this interview as I had in some of my past ones as I is very similar to how we do it in english, the most important way to make it sound polite is to make sure that you have an appropriate tone, for example you don't use the same tone with your friends as you would with your boss and so on.

You can find a link to how to do this here
Interview #4