Introducing Me - Karen Ossowski

Intorducing Me Karen Ossowski (1)

Hello. You already know my name, but i will repeat it again for the sake of profession.  

My name is Karen Ossowski.

My ¨Me Magazine¨ is called Introducing Me.

In the making of this project, i thought about not only the ¨Me Magazine¨ but i opened up to myself and thought, ¨who am i?¨ ¨what makes me, me?¨

I thought about it for a while, and i tried to put it in a few sentences.

What i didn't put in the slide, is my adventure with my best friend.

Some of you may have heard of this story before if you read my ¨Me Magazine¨

I won't tell the story for the sake of time, but if you really want to know i'll tell you later in the presentation.

I looked at how they put videos in frames, but i don't have any, so i went with the appearing. I also thought about colors, i thought to go light on the eyes and not make this too bright, i know that colors was a big thing and so was text fonts.

They said to go with lighter colors in the light and brighter in the dark.

One of the websites said something about a 90 something font size, and i thought, no way am i going to pull that off, i can barely get a 20 font.

I went with a smaller font because, well, i can write , but also, because it may keep some people interested, some maybe not, but with a lot of words it may hurt your eyes. I decided to do only some words but with a bigger font. I put a picture in the background because it represents my love for books and photography.

I tried to keep this slide simple, it tells you a lot about me, i'm simple, i keep things simple and that tells you a lot about my personality, the personality that you don't know very well.

Some things i'm not used to and i have to get used to considering i am going to be here for the next four years of my life.

Opening up to people is one of them, i told some of you about my anger issues, and possibly how i'm bipolar, so is most of my family.

Changing the subject back to the slide, it expresses a lot about me when it comes to the books. As you know from the slide i said that my adventures are on pages through my eyes. The photo also represents my love for photography, i love taking pictures and doing art in general, when it comes to things like art, i'll be up all night. Now that i've told you about my slide, i am concluding this presentation. Hope you liked some of it at least (i'm probably changing that last sentence)