Introduction to printmaking blog post

Printmaking is a form of art created by Daniel Hopfer from Augsbury Germany. In the process of printmaking a tool is rolled into ink then rolled onto a carved surface, the design is then transferred onto a sheet of paper. The carved surface can be altered so that the finished product can have any design. Many people only think of art as paintings and sculptures not necessarily carvings. Printmaking is important because it changed the way people think about art. Printmaking takes a certain level of concentration, and planning which is why it is valued by so many people, because everyone cannot do it.
The picture below is a print made by Katsushika-Hokusai a Japanese artist from the 18th century. The picture focuses on a volcano by the ocean.The picture stands out to me because of the contrasted colors. The picture is mostly cool colors, immediately the viewers eye is drawn to the red because it creates contrast with the rest of the picture. I chose this picture because I noticed how this artist used printmaking to make different textures on the page. 

I wonder if the artist meant for the background to be the sky or the ocean? The negative space could be clouds or it could be a reflection of the sky.