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V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd is a powerful dark storytelling book

that is about a city in London that lost it’s freedom and being ruled by this computer who is

used by the dictator of England also known as “fate” then a camp survivor that scaped and

name himself as “V” wants to give the freedom and equal rights to the civilians by killing

people who are in power and also people who were part of the camp where the used to

torture/experiment with people where the main character “V” escaped from.

There are two main characters in the book V for Vendetta who are V and Eve this two characters each have a background about what happened, The character “V” was captured in a camp and his room  number was 5 which is where he got his name; this happened around the 1970’s there was  a war involving London England and the government of London got completely wiped out by people with a lot of power who later on became into a dictatorship and after they

got their power, the Dictator Susan or fate who is a guy made all the asian, Blacks, gays

to go to camp’s where they would torture them and test experiments.

Experiment 5 “V” got captured during this movement of dictatorship and was sent to camps  over the time the test subjects would die slowly while V was still somehow immune to this

injections and toxins that were put in his body, he had a doctor that would often check on him

and write down on his journal saying that when he looked at V she would feel like V was

feeling pity about all of the scientist making experiments on people, over the time the

doctor would give him materials to V to make his flowers grow but one day V used

the materials to make  an explosion and escaped.

After V escape he goes around the city of London saving people and helping citizens

rebel against the city ruled by a dictator, during his journey   he basically he blows up

certain buildings that are connected to the main computer in the dictators office and after

he does that he kills the people that were in the camps that tortured people, also he went

after the most wealthiest people that work in the government or that were linked to

the dictator.

In conclusion I think this book was one the greatest book or graphic novels I have ever read

It has a good story telling and it’s very gripping because as soon as you start reading it

you want to know what’s going to happen next and how everything is going to go down.