Isabella - Single Slide


My goal for this slide was for it to be simple, clean, and straightforward. I wanted it to have “2015 tumblr vibes” and I think I accomplished that. I know I wanted have a simple, pretty background that wasn’t white, but I also wanted the pictures to be the main point of focus (obviously). So I chose white marble as my background. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to be my focal point. I wanted it to be something most people remember me by when they look at me, my big curly hair. I chose photos that show my defined curls. I angled the photos more to the right side so I could I could have some negative space, and where I can put my heading. For the heading, there’s no need for me to put a whole paragraph because who has time to read that? I put my name, it’s straightforward and what people call me.