It's Complicated

Today we read chapter 5 of the book "It's Complicated".​ This chapter explained what the author's definition of bullying, is, as well as the components of the situations. Also, why the problem persists and slides by so stealthily.
I feel like the chapter we read was very controversial in the sense that he could limit the components of bullying down to just three. I agree that it depends on the person's situation, but at the same time everybody's story is different. Therefore, I don't think it's correct to conclude that there are only 3.
Something I definitely think he was right about is how kids manage to hide the truth of their social lives from their parents. It's really easy to do when kids can so easily take advantage their parents lack of knowledge of what's common for teenagers of that time. It also becomes a problem when it's found out and some people don't know how to deal with it. This can complicate adults' understanding of bullying.