It's fine because its Israel?

Goldie Robins


I am doing a project in English. It is called, You and the world. The purpose of the project is to pick one current event in the world learn about it (research) , create a passion for it, and then BLOG about it. 

 I decided to pick what is currently going on in Israel. Now there are a lot of things happening in Israel, but what’s on the news is everything with Hamas.  I am interested in Israel for many reasons. I believe Israel is my “homeland”.  I also have kept up with everything that is happening, for example when in 2006 they captured Gilad Shalit, just an innocent solider. I am very interested in him, because of all the background information and have “proof” of him still being alive. Another reason why I picked this topic was that everything that is happening to Israel is important.

I my self know a lot of people who make aliyah. Making ‘aliyah’ is when a Jewish person immigrates to the Land of Israel. Not just for vacation but deciding to live there as a citizen. When making ‘aliyah’ at a certain age you have to join the Israeli army, along with the citizens that already live there. If you are a U.S. citizen you can just choose to be in the Israeli army with out it being necessary. I know someone who made aliyah to Israel and choose to be in the Israeli army, and died August 1, 2006. He died because was fighting for his homeland, against terrorist like Hamas.

I have discovered a lot not only from researching this past week, but also through out the years. I have been following what has been going on with Gilad Shalit since 2006. This is why I want to focus more on him through out this project because he is something special to me.

Even though there are videos of Gilad Shalit saying he is alive, and he says the date no one knows for sure.  Hamas wants all of their captured soldiers from Israel and they will give back Gilad Shalit. Although they would like Gilad Shalit back they can’t risk  one solider, who may not be alive for  all of the female and underage Palestinian prisoners along with 1,000 other prisoners. I want to know if Gilad is still alive. I am hoping he is.

I want to focus more on my sub- topic, Gilad Shalit. Yes I will still follow more on everything with the Gaza Strip, Hamas, and the Palestinians but I will do more background research on Gilad. In the next blogs to come, I will see if I can attach any of the videos that I was talking about above.