It's Nothing Insane

Monologue Project Created By: Cecelia Baez


My project is based off the idea of Sex Slavery intertwined with old tales of German and Jewish hatred. A young jewish female has been snatched away to German as a sell slave. This story deals a lot with the binds of her life going through something not knowing why or what the man by Augustus has in store for her. The mean time of this slavery, Augustus "The pimp" is creating a documentary about how he feels about Jews and what he is doing to these poor females. It's a pretty interesting play in which can really catch the eye of emotion. If you must know, Prostitution in slavery is illegal. &From loads of research, it was found that loads of money comes into Germany during the world cup due to crazy amounts of foreign men looking for woman and sex. It's a large income for Germany. But no always the greatest way of receiving this income. Sex slavery has reduced by a lot in the past years, but that doesn't mean it's dead. 


Tikva [ First,Fourth,Eighth ]: 18 year old American Jewish Female. Main Female Character.

Augustus: [ Second,Sixth ]: A very old pure blood German male. born in raised in Germany. Has a very hard to understand German accent. Main male character. Lucas: [ Third,Ninth ]: A young man in his 20’s. Brazilian. The capture for Augustus. Non Blood Related Nephew to Augustus. Parents: [ Fifth ]: Tikva’s parents. Father is the only one speaking. Mother is deaf by voice. Jewish parents. Activist [ Seventh ]: A woman against people not treating people with human rights. In this case sex slavery ______________________________________________________________________________ It’s Nothing Insane Act 1, Scene 1 [18-year-old girl, sitting in a metal fold chair. She is placed the middle/front of the stage. Everything around her is black, except for one light shinning right on top of her. She is dressed in a navy blue long gown dress, which covers her legs, arms, and chest. Her hair is long, brown, and very wavy. Her face is young and beautiful. Her expression shows sadness. Her voice sounds very obnoxious and light.] TIKVA [Head is up and straightforward. Her eyes are closed as she takes one deep inhale. Her eyes open as she exhales. As finishes her exhale, her expression went from none to flirtatious and smiles] [She stands up, out of the chair. Arms and hands are at her sides, and as she speaks she plays with her dress.] Story? Is about a graduated girl. Got the scholarship of her DREAMS! Being the naughty teenager, I am. Sneaking into clubs wasn’t such a hard thing to do. Snatching a few drinks? …. I attended on it. [Folds arms, and walks back and forth horizontally, while face is still looking forward] Well of course, I met the dreamiest guy. [Smile with confusion and looks offstage] Blown my mind quiet actually. His accent? [Waves hands in opposite direction] Totes not from this country [Crosses arms, with one arm up and resting on chin] My girls and I decided to join this man and his group of friends to roam the city. It was a nice summer night out. [Skips across stage, and jump stops at end of sentence] Strollin’ and rollin’ down the merry happy lane. [That stomp indicated her energy gone. Now talk calm for the rest of the monologue, but still sweet] My friends were totes out of it. [Runs hand through top of hair to push it back] Myself? Only a little. I can still remember… can’t I? [Eyes wide and mouth slightly open she dazes off for around 10 seconds, then comes back to reality and sits in the chair. with back up, legs together, and hands folded together. Expression is lost, and calm] [Whispers] Anyway… [Stare into crowd/videocamera] It got to the point where I remember seeing daylight. It was late, or early? We headed back to the club and the dreamy guy… By the name of Lucas, Asked if he could buy us another round of drinks, as a kind favor before us pretty ladies headed home. My drunken friends were far from knowing how to controlling there actions. I didn’t want them to kill their liver anymore... But of course… When you hear heaven speak rings of chills… “Oh Please, I have to do something kind in return for ruining your friends day tomorrow.” You know, a hangover? So I said sure. Just one, and just for me. [Scratch the side of her cheek] He agreed. [Pulls beer bottle from under the chair] As this drink... was what ruined my life. [Examines bottle] This... simple… [Plucks bottle] thick… bottle, Was the slip of his drug into my body? Some would call it date rape. [Fiddle with bottle in between hands, down on your lap] An illegal act. Of an illegal drug. Young and Dumb I was for trusting someone I did not know. How could I let it go so far? Raises eyebrow and shakes head no] I don’t know. And from here I can’t remember much, But the sudden feeling of not being able to move wide. And the urge to want to breathe… But needing to take such, Small, Breaths. It was dark, hot, and tight. I cried for hours in plead of movement. Trapped in a box. A little bigger then me. I didn’t know anything of my time and place Or how. I knew. Trapped I was… But not that’s not that way to describe the next few weeks of my life. Think of it more, as… Death. [Stares with a blank expression forward. Stands up, and turns video camera off] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 2 AUGUSTUS [Sitting in a wooden chair, and legs are crossed males style. He is wearing dark brown trousers that are a little higher then normal pants length. Since they are so high up, it makes them look a bit like high waters. He is wearing a nice tucked in white button down shirt, and a green vest also tucked in. This man is bald, with a top hat and a red moustache. His body structure is fairly large, and fairly husky. His expression looks calm, yet not to be messed with. He speaks very seriously. He speaks in a very natural German Accent] Is it working? [Nods head] Good. very Good! The World cup is soon. I cannot wait! You know… for the chocolate! No, I lie. Chocolate is for the women. To… You know... [Moves one hand in a swift circle moment like whisking air] Arouse their happiness. [Hands on lap, fingers folded] I just received 30 more women. It makes me very happy. All are so beautiful. All are so young. All are so… worthy! [Licks lips, and dazes to the side for a few seconds] Oh, pardon me. My mint dazes to De idea of what good will come out of my actions! [Offers out hand] Let me tell you about myself. Since you’re going to need to know who I am. Aren’t you? Lets start. [Stands up out of seat and places hand on chest] My name is Augustus. I am a full-blooded German male. I was raised in strict German household. Mama, ant Papa very, very much like their grandparents. Ant there grandparent's Ant there grandparent's, grandparent's. All the way backs to the Nazi times. Tam Natzi times. [Sighs uncomfortably.] What am I trying to say here? [Gets very close to camera lens] Yes, I don't like Jewish. Ant I hate how because of them, my country became poor! Paying all the debts. [Spits the side] Oh Poor Jewish People Poor Cheap People. [Speaks through teeth] Oh… they are damn right sick! It’s cruel! [Backs up from camera a bit and plays arms on hips and stands with chest out] So, I became a very cruel man. What can I say? My latest experiment? The Jewish Slaughter. No I’m not killing people Well some to tie. That’s just because they’re weak. [Sits back in chair] Ugh..Sorry. I’m getting off topic here. I am original. I to good for my country. Ant they don’t complain. I bring in the highest source of income for Germany. They need me. Of course my hunting assistance to a lot to help as well. Beautiful Jewish woman will bring me story a life. What story? De story of the WORLD. Why? [ Looks away for a few seconds, then looks straight into the camera] Because I’m fucking sick, at looking at Jewish be able to get away with such please of innocents. This will lead many different people to view society in life. I’m very sure of it. You are probably very confused. I apologize. Let me explain just a little. Don’t want to give away TOO much JUICY information.. Now do I? [Large wink into camera] Well here it goes.. [Stares into a wonder] Me being a young lad, I never intended on anything bad about Jewish people, and the world’ My parents, and grandfather always told me about how much of scums they are. I actually had intentions to prove to my Papa that they were good people. Just People. Not monsters. [Eyes got wide, and says loudly] WELL I WAS VERY WRONG. [Says sadly and softly] I can still hear the screams of my poor… Mama pleading for them to stop. I can still hear the cries of my poor little sister confused of the actions these men were committing. [Speaks fierce with anger] Wearing that Yarmulke of death. Indication that these murders...these rapist... were Jewish. [Breaths deeply and Tone changes to calm and relaxed] As for my Papa and grandfather and older brother. Locking them in there rooms while being burnt to death, didn’t leave a very good scar. I happen to be the only intelligent one who knew to go to the underground passageway of protection. Built by my great, great, great, great grandaddy himself. It was a very random encounter. Why? I do not know the reason. But I know the action. So from there started my plot. Alright. Okay that’s all I say for now. We are done. Now turn off this camera! ______________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 3 LUCAS [He walks down a long narrow hall, towards a door at the very end. Lucas is very tall, and handsome looking. Body structure is well built, while his legs being one the strongest things on him. Slick back brown hair, and tan skin. He is dressed in a blue jersey and black shorts. As he approaches a door, he walks into the room behind it. ] Well hello, Ma’am. Aren’t you beautiful? [3-second pause] [Holds fingers to his lips, and closes door behind him] Shhh… Don’t speak. I don’t take very long, so no worries. [Walks up to a chair in the corner of the room] Goddamn, this room is so small? Out of all the money these people make, they can’t afford bigger rooms? At least it’s color, and lighting is a navy blue. That makes everything so much more… romantic. Since… you know… this is the last kind of thing anyone would think of as romantic. [Looks around the room some more] Small, blue, with only a bed and a chair. This could really be some one's closet. Well… I paid for the best… So… You better damn right be the best. Lets see how these things go… [Stares at the girl sitting on the side of the bed for a few seconds] You are really pretty. [Uses his hands to show the outline of the girl] So thin, with a pretty nice bust. I like. [3 second pause] How often do I do this you ask? Pretty often. None are as pretty as you. [3 second pause] Where are we you ask? Err… I don’t know if I should be telling you this. But that bastard possibly wouldn’t care. I believe you at least have the right to know where you are...we are in Germany. [3 second pause] [gets up from where he is sitting and sits next to the girl] Wait… No… don’t cry. [Places his hand on her shoulder and rubs it to calm her] Goddamn. I suck at this. Look sweetie, I’m sorry you got brought you here. But it’s business, all right? Live with it shortly and you’ll be fine. Augustus the man who owns this joint won’t keep you here forever. [Pauses for 3 seconds] Why are you even talking? You’re supposed to be drugged. [Pauses for 3 seconds] Look, you really just need to give me what I came for and call it over? Okay? I’m not looking for a relationship here. I could help you but there isn’t much I can do nor much I really want to do. Now please... shut up. [Pauses 3 seconds] [Rolls eyes] Yes… My name is Lucas. Look it’s nice to see you again too. I don’t think you know me well, but I don’t do well with the whole woman cryings and making me feel bad about my life card. [looks around room and while speaking next line] You aren’t supposed to see in this lighting. Dammit. You’re not drugged. Are you? Why is Augustus so against drugging you guys so often! It makes it a hell of a lot easier. [Silence for a few seconds] Well sorry… I only deal with drugged bitches. See you when you’re out of it. He moves his fist quickly and swiftly across her face. A hit there, and a hit here, till she becomes out of it] Now lets have some fun! [He smiles as he turns off the camera on the side of the bed] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 4 TIKVA [The same girl from monologue one is seating in the same metal chair, in the same place. Front/Middle stage. All lights are dark, and one light shinning down on her. She is wearing a white dress, dirty, holes everywhere on it, and very short. Her hair is big and nappy. It's as if she just got out of living in the jungle. Her face shows the expression of depression, sadness, fright, and worry. Her body position is very closed up, and secured ball like.] [Head is looking down, as she inhales. During exhale she lifts her head up straight forward. Eyes open the whole time] I… I…I don't know in the name..of..of human kind, wh..what type of p..p..people. I just, don't know? I don't.. Understand? [Looks straight forward] If you could see…. if you could understand. You don't. [Shakes head] YOU don't. They… touch…they grab. They enter… [In a deep tone] They demand. They beat… [Bites bottom lip.. as it trembles] Why is the world so goddamn obsessed with money? Do you see what they fucking did to me? [Shows arm wrapped in cloth, bent to the side] I can't even move it. &They just left it here, like this. Who wants to have sex with a damn handicap? I don't. [3 seconds pause] Explain who I am? & Make it direct? … [Sighs] Okay. My name is Tikva. I am 18 years old, and I'm from America. I now see that life is a game. &I'm just a drugged victim. [3 second pause] Hope? Who needs hope… That's what my name means. But It's so hard to look for this, [Use quotations] hope. Especially when you come across… A room of 30 women. All naked. All drugged. And you’re placed in an even smaller room. By yourself. And each hour, you're forced to sex your body over to any man that might come your way… [Rubs fingers together] For money. Tell me what you feel then? Because it's sure not hope. My vagina was pulped to the point of mere... existence. Now I wish I was a man. A man... who owned a dick. So I can penetrate a woman. But god knows what. You expect me to live off of hope? [Sarcasm &rolls eyes] Shit that's all I have. Hope that if you're watching this right now.. You'll see how messed up this world is. &How money… kills. [3 second pause] Alright.. I think I’m done. You can turn the camera off now. Please... [Begins to cry] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ­ Act 1, Scene 5 FATHER [Two parents are sitting on a couch. Man and Woman The room is in bright colors and flower designed wallpaper. Mainly pink, yellow, and orange. They are placed right in the middle of the couch. Sitting close together. Man has glasses, bald, and wearing a Yarmulka on his head. His style is very sophisticated and what would be called a nerd. Pocket protector, high-water tan dress pants, and a stripped button up shirt that was buttoned all the way to the neck. The wife had very short even hair. A long sleeveless dress that covered her chest and legs. The dress had a flower pattern. She wears glasses as well. The father sits up straight and stern. The mother who is deaf does not speak at all. She is hung ed over crying. Hands and Arms in lap] [Father is talking; He has a deep, strong voice] [Points to the camera with that stern look as if he is scolding] I will say this once, and only once. You.. Person out there. [Points to his chest] That's my daughter. [Hand comes down to wrap around the wife] My young baby girl that you have. The woman with her head straight. Her goals set. Her future... waiting. &You sir.. or miss.. took that away from her. Took that away from US. [Breaths very deep, and looks into his wife's eyes then back to forward] I know if my wife could speak… She would say so much of her pain. She would use the voice that she does not have, To express her sorrow. I highly doubt you understand when fingers speak. So I will tell you… That you do NOT know, Of how our daughter is a talented, intelligent young lady. We are not going to stand to have her taken away. I hope you know that. We will find you. And we will come after you. Whether she is dead or alive. She will be with us again. And you will be put away.. you vile.. vile.. man like creature. [Turns camera off] [Speaks to man next to camera] Project this live. I need it sent onto the air tonight. We have a lot to do this week if I want to find my girl. ______________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 4 AUGUSTUS [Sitting in a wooden chair, and legs are crossed males style. He is wearing dark brown trousers that are a little higher then normal pants length. Since they are so high up, it makes them look a bit like high waters. He is wearing a nice tucked in white button down shirt, and a green vest also tucked in. This man is bald, with a top hat and a red mustache. His body structure is fairly large, and fairly husky. His expression looks calm, yet not to be messed with. He speaks very seriously. Spoken in a strong German Accent] I've thought long and hart about dis… experiment. and I believe it needs to bloom. Into a beautiful story. for the world too see. for the world to witness. The depth within sex. within rape. within torture. I don't like Jewish, and pretty sure the name.. of Germany and Jew isn't connected. Its been years since the Natzi times. It’s been years since the word of Jews and Germans united. I only love to hate Jewish women. because they are beautiful. and well, being one the most.. unique.. sex slavery villains.. out there. I thought letting myself go a little would be interesting. Because no one knows I exist. How is dis possible you may ask? ... as watching dis. I'm far away from.. ground. [5 second pause] Anyway.. I’m giving too much away. but never the less. I'm letting them go. Who? ALL of the Jewish woman I own. I know you might dink dis brings business town. and I'm surrendering. But what I am surrendering too? I'm sick of seeing overly drugged dead woman. I’m sick of seeing my assistants complain because I don’t overly trug them enough. I’m sick of waiting. So they get to go home. Shipping them back there country. I pull Jewish woman from all over the world. My assistants, especially my youngest assistant. He toes good for finding the Jewish females. [Eyes widen at “blood”] It's as if… he can smell there blood. Not to scare you, but I am a very scary man. I hold the power of life in my hand, One family..I can recall sent a video live to the news across the America. I got your video from someone stationed in America. You must have good money to, to so. I don’t want your money. I just want to tell you... Your not going to find me. [Mimics] Parents of...Tikva. And I wouldn’t 't care if you did. Because my actions still went down in history. I’m old now a days. So, You can have your daughter back. She made good money, for a few weeks. I intended not to drug her much. Since she seemed to put up well even without drugs. Her duties.. are done though. &with her broken arm? I think you're going to want to fix that. [Happy and joyful, smiling] I'll ship her back to where we found her. &Like I said, Don’t try to find me. Because you won’t do much luck in the end. All right Lucas, turn off the video camera. [Lucas turns video camera off] Dis video document will go down in history. Set up the broadcaster and use you young people smarts of managing technology so this can air on every television show. The will start with America first. Make loads of DVD's too. I want backup copies to be shipped to America. People will see how vicious a man... can be. _____________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 6 ACTIVIST [A woman sitting in an office chair, in front of a large wooden desk. Placed in front of her is a laptop and a few papers. Behind her is a bookshelf filled with books about sex slavery and world issues. This woman has short straight black hair, and wears black glasses to cover her big green eyes. She was a woman suit. Navy Blue with white strips and sneakers. She sits upright and very firm] [Arms lay at her lap, hands folded together.] Just … tell me when to start. [Smiles] [3 second pause] Well, after loads of preparation and research. Stalking individuals for background information. Finally, we found the villain behind the mastermind of the Jewish sex slavery. It was very vulgar. But never the less. All of the woman from the American side of the sex slaves are back home with their families. Some deaths. Due to over dose of drugs of course. A family had a daughter named Tikva, who finally is safe. She said they were doing a video recording of her and other girls. But we have come across nothing yet. She is a very sweet girl. And it’s sad to say that people are like this. I am an activist against such things. We have brought down sex slavery in many countries. Germany by far. The German government was shocked to see that they had much left. Such a high “Pimp”. Now only 28% of known sex slavery remain. &Yes they did legalized Prostitution. But that’s a woman’s choice. Sex slavery isn’t. I will do what I can, to protect the name of humanity against forced sex. I’ve dealt with rape. I’ve dealt with abuse. I know how it feels. And it’s not pretty. &To bring all sad stories to a happy ending. This man by the name of Augustus is in Jail now. He has traces of being Psychopathic in his blood. His whole family was slaughtered as a child. It’s a sad way to grow up. All things come to an end. This is Jessica. Reporting the German Sex Slave story to a seize. Have a great day! [Turns video camera off] Alright ABC news. I hope you got what you were looking for. ______________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 8 TIKVA [ The same girl from monologue one is in front of her computer, while sitting on her bed. Room is colored in butterflies and green. She is speaking to the web cam on her computer. She is dressed in light blue jeans and a white v neck. Very clean looking. Hair is straight down. There is a window right next to her bed. The room is lightened brightly. She is sitting Indian style. ] [Speaks calmly, slow, and with a slight smile] Hey blogger, I know it’s been a while since I’ve last been able to show any of my “amazing” life. I’d like to say this is my last blog. I don’t believe in exploiting my personal life anymore. Sorry to disappoint those who actually have an interest in myself. I went on a pretty crazy adventure... One that that left me understand a few pretty interesting things in reality. [looks out her window for a few seconds, then looks back at web cam] I’m safe. The world isn’t crashing around me anymore. I’m home, With my family and my friends. My parents did everything they could to find me. Who knew I’d be in Germany? The activist set up a large riot to fight against sex slavery… Who would of thought this was turn into such a big crisis? I never on a regular basis would think about ending up where I did. It’s been a while since everything went down, And I’m just glad to be home. I take therapy almost everyday other day. &I think I turned lesbian after seeing so many men. But that isn’t the point. This showed me, That no matter how bad the situation.. Everything will be better in the end. I know it! I believe! Because it happened, To me. Everything will be all right. The world isn’t crashing around me anymore. I’m safe. &To all you young females out there, watch your back. I declare this my last video blog entry. Bye. [closes laptop] [She turns to the window. Her facial expression seems to randomly go blank as her eyes widen. Her body goes limp as she falls to the bed backwards.] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Act 1, Scene 9 LUCAS [Lucas on the roof of a building. He is lying down and leans against the edge. He has a shot gun in his arms as he is aiming at a window in which is across the street. By his side a very young male child. He is holding a video camera recording as Lucas speaks] [Speaks through his teeth, holdings gun] I didn’t grow up with much in life. No family, No friends. No love. No money. I was better off dead than alive. Augustus the man who the American enemies all placed in prison, in which he settled from a heart attack. He was pretty old… He was everything to me. He gave me my love And my money And my family And my friends… A wife, three kids, a rich mans job… I lived the good life boy. Sure, my job wasn’t the nicest. Wasn’t the most loved? But it brought in more money then you could see in your lifetime. For you to take that all away from me? [Pauses for 3 seconds, as if he is about to cry, lips tremble] I should shoot you in the head like I did to that damn Bitch whose parents did this! [Places gun down, and stands up. Walks towards the camera and the boy] I don’t want to kill her parents. I want them to keep looking for me. Because this is not over. I was the brain behind the Augustus. I knew all his plans and his secrets. This business isn’t going down. I will just build it back up… &With your help son, [Rubs his sons head] Even after my death.. we will still be strong. [Goes back over the the gun and lays down] To you Americans.. Have fun watching this documentary. And have fun burying your dead daughter. [Lucas leans towards the edge, picks up the gun, and fires] [The young boy turns off video camera] ______________________________________________________________________________