Its okay, because it was Israel- #2

Blog #2

As you already know my topic is Israel. Like I said in the first blog I wanted to focus more on what’s happening with Hamas and how people like, Michael Levin die everyday fighting for their home land, and then there is Gilad Shalit who gets captured. The videos are very touching and interesting to watch. It really shows that people care enough about something that they will fight for anything. There is only so much information to date about Gilad Shalit, and what the deal with his situation, but if Hamas isn’t lying he is still alive and ok.  September  14, 2009 was the first video broadcasted since he was captured in 2006. Since most of the video are on YouTube, I could get you a link either at the bottom of this blog which you would have to watch outside of school or  I can see if there are other sites I could get the videos for you. I, my self feel like people need to know more about whets happening not just from CNN. Every news website or TV Channel have their own views and opinions. In what I see/ hear on the news everyone try’s to blame it on Israel, and how different things are their fault. Well its easier saying that then actually taking time to research. I bet 9/10 people reading this didn’t know that Hamas use little kids as human shields because they know that the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) won’t bomb or shoot the them. They do this because, they don’t like dangering the lives of little kids. They don't shoot them because they decide not to. They are all fighting form their homeland. Get to know about Israel, it won't hurt you.,7340,L-4244,00.html