J. Pullins, Conversación de Cine Europeo

La Cultura de la España:

En España,
 adolescentes va la cine a menudo. Además, se preocupan por películas de calidad, en contraposición alos grandes presupuestos.En España, la gente tiene mucho amor por las peliquas.

In our conversations, we tried to be as grammatically correct as possible. Very early on, we made a rule: I only speak Spanish, and likewise, he could only speak English. Needless to say, it was a bit difficult

Our conversations went as so: I would say something in Spanish, and his first response would be the correct translation to what I said, grammatically. Then, he would say his English response, and then I would do as he did. Our main strategy using the words we know, and using context clues to ask each other about words we don't know.
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