JaazaniahHayes Capstone

First off we had to start by finding people for our cypher. While trying to find people we faced a few problems. Like who to let be in our cypher. While facing some of these problems people in our cyphers started to second guess if they wanted to be apart of our cypher. Then we faced the problem of how to lay out the cypher, how would the order go, where would people be on the stage, and what would everyone be doing and saying. Before starting to organize the whole event it was a pretty stressful process. After Mr.G suggested that we meet each wednesday we started to get things together. We started to narrow down what we were doing. As the days got closer, we started to have practices and started to go over the cypher. The final product went better than we expected it to go. In my opinion it was one of the best things in the show. As a co-host of the show I enjoyed the show as a whole. I enjoyed being apart of the experience.