Jack Sugrue - Capstone

This year, I created a video essay for my Capstone. It's about 8 minutes in length, and is about one of my favorite pastimes - Magic The Gathering. In the video itself, I explore my relationship with the game, the creation of the game itself, and the seemingly infinite amount of entertainment it provides to me and millions of others. My goal for this project was to create something for YouTube specifically. I grew up watching a lot of YouTube, and I still do. For a while, being famous on YouTube was something I aspired to, in the way that lots of kids want to be celebrities or famous athletes. Recently, I've re-thought about being on YouTube - not as a YouTube star, but just as a content creator. I looked through my list of subscribed channels - among them many channels creating video essays or something similar. Inspired by many of their styles, I took a stab at the same genre. Some of my biggest inspirations for this included Rhystic Studies, who does MTG card and artist studies; and Jon Corpora, who hosts a video series called "Pretty Deece" about MTG. There are lots of other inspirations - I consider my intro - where I start with a hook about a tangentially related subject - to be very inspired by Michael Stevens of VSauce. My other goal with this capstone, besides creating the video itself, was to set myself up to continue creating content for YouTube. I hope to get some feedback on this video and make more video essays throughout college - be they on Magic or not. Here's my bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ySxj-BXNheZnRtcDHVQvIL5YtcZN0S9yqbARyNGwel4/edit?usp=sharing