Jade Gilliam Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to write, produce, and master an EP of my music. An EP is generally 3 to 6 songs long, mine ended up being 5 songs, and titled “Sick and Tired.” The goal was to have a polished and publishable product. Making music is something I’ve always wanted to do but it also has been a big source of insecurity. Making my capstone, “Sick and Tired” forces me to release music which is something I’ve been struggled with doing since I was a freshman. The songs on the album explore the topic of self-perception and letting go of societal pressures. It is a collection of music that shows the growth and setbacks I’ve run into while becoming the person I am today from the point of view of outsiders and myself. For Example, in the case of “Loser” the second song on the EP. The song is about how I felt and feared I was perceived. Another song on the project “Pretty in Pink” discusses my own struggles with femininity from my point of view.

To be published June 1, 2020