Jaime Vaquero-Garcia's Capstone


Kids are the most important in the world reason being that they are the ones that are going to be continuing out the legacy that the parents had left behind. Before any of that happens, kids become mature and grown/all those good things parents want their kids to be. Kids are kids, meaning being reckless and chaotic and loud, cute but annoying and etc. through living those moment with the kids, many adults don’t take them serious enough, and only when they get injured. Kids are exactly more intelligent than what most adult expect them to be. As years go by, kids are becoming more aware of what is going around them. Each year is becoming better then the last one.  

For my capstone, I was going to a daycare and was, in a way, testing kids the intelligences through some social and strategic games and their behavior. The first couple of days were just a little complicated because for one, was only at the daycare on fridays and saturdays and two, they had a lot of freedom for the only three ladies. In the long run, the kids slowly but surely adjusted to me. The kids behavior and creativity slowly changed which showed me as student,  as senior student at science leadership academy, felt that instead of them learning from me, I learn from them.  In a kids first 6 years of being born, they show more intelligence than what is expected from them.

PRESENTATION: https://docs.google.com/a/scienceleadership.org/presentation/d/14KwE-YP4AWjv0VaCS_SM56vxvLI3sgloavH9EeAaIcA/edit?usp=sharing