Jake Norman Capstone

​The Capstone I created is a Photography club that combines a leadership experience with physical products. I will be teaching Freshmen and Sophomores the knowledge I have learned regarding photography techniques. This club will allow freshmen who are interested in photography to gain photographic skills and easy access to photography and film equipment. By the end of this project, I hope to share my experience and knowledge of photography and photo editing with underclassmen. I also plan on finding a continue supporting and running the club for future freshman classes. To get the word out about the club, I created flyers and made announcements in the biweekly advisory memo to advertise. After working for some time on my capstone idea, I realized it was failing and that I need to try something new. I still wanted to help future Dig Vid classes so I decided to take the lesson plans and activities I had planned for the club and turn those into educational tutorial videos covering the same subjects. I then created a blog where I posted all of the videos.

Website: http://the-darkroom-tutorials.my-free.website/ 

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