Jamie Sets Fire to the Rain.

Listen here please (: 

Jamie Murphy has a very interesting family, and I’m not just talking about their personalities. Her father gave Jamie’s mother the greatest dream in the world, a child. He was just supposed to be the sperm donor, which is normal for these kinds of situations. But Jamie, being the unique person as she is, also has a unique family situation.


While I was doing this project, I thought this was going to be easy and I would get it done and out of the way. I was totally wrong. When you interview someone, especially for a project, you have to have almost three times the length of interview before actually putting it all together. You need to edit things out, add things in, and make it all work. It was also hard finding time that you and the interviewee could meet. She has this and I can’t do it now because I have this, and it was just so hard to get it together.

            When you cross a boundary, you face a lot of different things. It is possible that you can lose friends and be judged if people do not approve of whatever boundary you are crossing. You can also be praised for how you stand out. In this case, Jamie has two loving parents that would do anything for her, when statistics show that she was only supposed to have one parent.

While I was editing this podcast, I realized that I had to be very careful with how you phrase the questions that you ask, because after I asked a question, Jamie would answer it in a way that didn’t make sense for my podcast. She would go on about a story that was not relevant to what I was asking. I had to ask her different questions in order to direct her in the direction that I wanted her to go in.

My strengths for this project were definitely editing, and asking questions to get Jamie to go in a certain direction. This was easy for me because Jamie and I are very close and I know how her brain works. She knew that if I asked a question that pertains to something, she knew how to answer it. However; I did have many weaknesses in the project. I did not really look at the time with this project. I kind of put it off, but once I got going, I really nailed it I think.