Jamira Carter Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to create a clothing line with Sophia De Oliveira. First we took a few weeks to develop a name and a logo and from there we decided to produce a clothing line called "Ajeji".

I focused on the business aspect of the "company" while Sophia was the art/fashion behind it all. It took way more money than we ever imagined to start the process. After a series of fundraisers we finally could start producing clothes. It took months just to raise the money, so in the meantime we began working on promotion. We created a website and an instagram account called "Ajeji Apparel".

We began gaining followers on Instagram and it caused traffic to our website. We uploaded different clothing designs that we planned to bring to life to keep our followers interested. Surprisingly, we got messages from other clothing designs willing to work with us and sale our designs in their stores! Despite this, we still are only teenagers and weren't willing to sign contracts without a legal person behind us.

Soon after we found a printer and he began helping us produce our clothes exactly how we wanted them. People soon began to become interested in it.

We participated in the 2k15 Fashion Showcase (aka the world's biggest capstone) and displayed a lot of our work. Although stressful, it was amazing to be able to show what we've done in the past year.

footage from show:

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This is the original website me and my partner (Sophia Deoliveira) created to display our clothing. The website storenvy.comhelps us by organizing our sales and total profit. It also tells us how many visitors visit our website daily and weekly. This helps us understand if our promotion is working or not and if we should keep investing in it. The creative aspect of the website is still under construction, but the organizing is more important, especially since we are in the process of receiving our first shipment of our printed clothing! Now keeping track of everything is one less struggle.


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After searching for months for a charity to donate to, we decided we wanted to donate to Volunteer in Zimbabwe. We originally planned on donating feminine products to third world countries, but most charities only accept donations. Even this current chosen charity only accepts money or volunteering, but it seems more legit than other charities. We want to ensure that our money is benefitting those in need, not those in greed. Our charity is still subject to change, but this charity provides the best money donation.

Link: http://www.ooshirts.com/?utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=how%20to %20start%20a%20clothing%20line&utm_content=1644586610&utm_campaign=long%20tail "Custom T-Shirts For Less." Custom T-Shirts. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2015.

Used solely as a designing website, this helps give us an idea what our clothes would look like on both sexes. Our goal is to create a unisex clothing line, but sometimes our feminine minds get the best of us. This website helps bring our brainstormed designs out on “paper” to show one another and from there we go through the editing process. 

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Photoshop is how we print our clothing so it’s a vital aspect of our clothing line. The images printed on her must go through a series of photoshop edits and filters to assure the image is the perfect size, color, and amount of pixels. Printing a blurry dull image would not be a good look for our clothing line; we plan on providing high quality material and photoshop helps use do just that. Photoshop helps determine which designs stay and which ones go. Without photoshop we’d more than likely go through multiple prototypes and have a hard time figuring out what works for us and what does not.


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What’s a clothing line without tags? It wouldn’t be “Ajeji” with Hanes or Fruit of the Loom tags hanging out of it! This website allows us to design our own tags and shows us how to sew it into the clothing. This is not a necessity, but it makes the clothing more presentable. It makes us feel like we’ve put our mark on it!