Jared Bauer Capstone

​Jason Greene II and I founded the Sports Statistics and Analysis Club in January of 2016. We wanted to expand our reach to middle schoolers and decided to teach basic lessons about sports statistic. Originally we targeted working with older eighth graders at Greenfield, however, they did return our calls. We turned our attention to fifth graders at Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAM). We thus reinvented our idea for the content of the lessons. Instead of focusing on more complex weighted averages we began focusing on topics such as calculating averages (with and without a calculator) and bar graphs. For each lesson (excluding the last lesson where the children presented their final projects) we created a slideshow to go through with them. At the end of the first lesson we assigned them a project  (which I will also put as part of this submission). In summary, the students were asked to calculate ten averages from either the MLB or the NBA. The final presentations were not as successful as we hoped due to the gap between our third and fourth lessons, as SLAM focused on PSSA prep for six weeks.  By that time many of the students had forgotten about what we had taught them, which made the final presentations messy and not focused on the math. However, Jason and I firmly believe that if the lessons would have been closer together there would have been a great increase in the quality of presentations.

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