Jason Greene II Capstone

For my capstone, I teamed up with Jared Bauer to teach a class at Science Leadership Academy Middle School (SLAMS) on sports statistics.  Jared and I are co-founders of the Sports Statistics and Analysis Club at SLA so we wanted to do a capstone together based around our club.  We decided that we wanted to teach middle school students about sports statistics.  Studies have shown that students that have a hard time learning math in the early stages of their education career, will have a harder time learning math later on.  Jared and I believed that sports statistics is a fun and easy way to learn basic math skills so we decided on teaching sports stats as our capstone.  After trying to reach out to our respective middle schools, we decided that we wanted to teach our lessons at SLAMS because of the connect the two schools already had.  We worked with Mrs. Hamilton, a math teacher at SLAMS.  We coordinated with her for lessons and when we would come in.  We also worked with Mrs. Bushnell, our in-house mentor, do help us make lessons for our classes.  Our capstone was made up of 4 classes.  We also created a project for our students to complete during the classes that they would then present to us on the fourth class  The first three classes were us teaching them different sports stats and allowing them time to work on their projects.  The project was them calculating different stats of their favorite MLB or NBA player.  On the fourth class, all the students presented their projects to us and then we ended with an ice cream party to celebrate their projects.  

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