Jason Lam's Capstone

My Capstone project was to create a sort of guide on how to help and support a visually impaired student for teachers. This guide is really for the middle to high school student range and only focuses on academic needs and support. The final product would be a booklet that contained my own experiences as a visually impaired student at SLA, a list of tools and materials visually impaired students could potentially be using and a description of how it works and how it's meant to be used, and then the actual listings of how teachers in each academic course could support the student if they should need it. The third section will be split into the three categories of visual impairment being low/near vision, visually impaired, and braille/legally blind.  As for my process, admittingly, I took more of a simpler route in doing this project by just researching online for all the technical parts, and remembering my own experiences when I could have done a lot more by interviewing teachers to get their opinions or interviewing past year visually impaired students, etc. So really, all I’ve been really doing was research online, recollect, type, and communicating with my mentor.

I do not currently have the final product made yet, but I do have the information that will be on the final product. This is the lnk to the doc. (Note: I can't seem to paste a picture on here).


"Material Adaptations for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired." Teaching Students with Visual Impairments. By: Carmen Willings teaching visually impaired.com. Accessed January 27, 2019.


This website contains several methods to help visually impaired students participate in class. The have a section for large font papers, sensory learning, braille, accessible education materials, and much more. Some of the pages contain pros and cons about that particular method as well as when it can or should be used.  However, all the pages contain information about it which will give me a lot of solutions to potential problems visually impaired students would have in the classroom.

McLaughlin, Rhonda. "Interview with Ms. Rhonda." Interview by Jason Lam. February 8, 2019.

This is an interview of my own visual impairment counselor, Ms. Rhonda. She is a counselor that works with many visually impaired students across the Philadelphia area. Each student of hers is different has different needs to complete school, and have different resources as well. This interview will help me find out and understand what other blind students need to complete a day of school as well as the resources they have access to to accommodate them.

Sprinkle, Kristi. "Home." Impact Of Visual Impairment On Development. By Sharon Nichols Accessed January 27, 2019. https://www.tsbvi.edu/general-technology-items/1074-overview-of-technology-for-visually-impaired-and-blind-students.

This website contains more methods of participating in class for visually impaired students. It includes zoom in features for computer or laptop use in class, and it also has information on machines that can help the blind student such as a CCTV. For both of these features, it lists multiple types of each thing so if one does not suit the student as comfortably, they aren’t limited to just that one kind. This information will be helpful for possible solutions to potential problems in class for blind students.

"Welcome." Sage Vision Technology - Low Vision Product Supplier. Accessed April 29, 2019. https://sagevisiontech.com/.

This is the website of the largest supplier of visual impairment electronics in Pennsylvania. They have many different types of tools visually impaired people use . This will help me create the list of technology that visually impaired students use at school and how they work.

Wyatt, Allen. "Booklet Printing in Word." Tips.net. Accessed April 30, 2019. https://word.tips.net/T003927_Booklet_Printing_in_Word.html.

This website is a guide to making a booklet which is going to be my final product. I have no prior knowledge of making a booklet, so this website will be able to help learn how to make one.