Javier Peraza Capstone

For my Capstone I decided to write a twenty-four part novella to reflect on and hone my skills in writing. I aspire to be a published writer one day and I thought doing a writing piece for my Capstone would not only give me practice with long pieces of writing but also allow me to discover who I am as a writer. Every part (or chapter) came out to be approximately 5,000 words each. I say "part" instead of "chapter" just because my novella is not broken into chapters but rather parts that can be read out of chronological order. When writing something so extensive your process is very tedious. Some parts I spent months on because revisions were hefty. I revised the first part at least seven times, and not just small grammar mistakes. The first part actually went through seven full out structure changes, each one making the story read differently than the last. As of now, I am still undecided on which structure works best for setting the scene of my novella. It is something I can reflect on over the summer. Although I did learn a lot about what I was capable of as a writer, I learned more about what my true work ethic was. I saw when I worked best and learned how to know how much I could get done before even starting. I also taught myself to sit still long enough to put at least 3,000 words on paper at a time. In the end, I am more confident as a writer and have this enduring obstacle under my belt. Please enjoy part 2 of my novella which is attached below. 
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