Javier Peraza Q2 Media Fluency

Before I tell you why I made my slide the way it is, I will tell you that what solely influenced me to make the decisions I made was the rubric instructions and the Presentation Zen website. Now back to business. First I put a picture of myself to make it a visual theme that someone would just have to look at once to know it was about me. Next I only made one point and that is that I am “half seen, half witted.” This also is meant for only a three second glance to know what it is. I purposely made it cryptic and vague so the audience will half to listen to me speaking to understand it. I then made the word “ ME” in big white text on black background to get the attention of the audience. I used contrast by changing colors, font, and size for each text to make the slide more interesting. Another reason I did this is to make the audience think that this is more important than it really is and to give the audience a “WOW” thought. I purposely made my Last Name and Picture bleed because one it went with the “Half Seen, Half Witted” phrase and because it gives it a better artistic look that is appealing to the audience. The rule of thirds in my slide allows the viewer to get their eye caught by the big picture of me and then drawn to the words giving them a better understand of what my slide is about. I used empty space to give it a more mysterious but yet artistic look. I purposely did a black back drop instead of a white because black seems new and appealing while white is the first variant. It makes the viewer feel like it is important. My slide has a visual theme for the mix of pictures, colorful words, and exotic black back drop. 
Looking back at the critique I began to matriculate that the cinched, lucid, and unambiguous slide design is more often aggrandized by the monotonous audience. A monumental confabulation inscribed on a slide show is paroxysm to the benighted, and perhaps even moronic, musters. Not only that, but it distracts them from the real picture which is what transpires from the vocal cords in your throat. The persisting sound during phonation is no amalgamation with culminating knowledge. You want your assemblage to be completely ken to what you are saying; therefore your slide should have as little as possible along with the most meaning. This alone can be vindicating enough, so the elementary way to do this might be challenging. The idea is to have your point unequivocal to give the onlookers the topic in diminutive amount of time. Maybe more importantly, it is salient to have the slide visually appealing. You don't want to lose your 'people' just because you are too intwined into sloth to care. These articulations have a perfect panorama on why I changed my slide to a mild but tenacious introduction to 'ME'.