Jermel Langley Capstone

1. Jermel Langley

2.Rashuan Williams


3.My Capstone is organizing, managing, and mentoring students in the non-profit organization phresh prospective.

4.For around two year I have been working with Phresh Perspectives(Phresh Philadelphia). By the end of last year I was award Co-Vice President along side with Abou Hinson. I decided to turn this program into my capstone project. First, it was going to be a engineering project that we were working on in the program. Then, it got changed into me just being a mentor inside of the program and how it affected the student that participated, but I felt as though this wasn’t enough to produce a year of work. It took a little thinking and changing around but eventually I came up with my idea.

Managing, Mentoring, and participating in an organization seemed more like a year long project. Seeing all the effects, progress, and challenges that I would have to overcome to be an efficient Co-Vice President. This would be a good result of a year long project.

These are our weekly meetings at OIC of america. Where we came together to talk about conflicts of the world and tried to come up with ideas for solutions. The special part about our program is that we let everyone explore what they are interested in. Some people like writing so we started them up on writing articles, some people like building so we helped them brainstorm ideas for engineering solutions. The students helps us by being a positive influence in the world, while we help them explore there interests for there future. 
Our Climate change event where we walked around in mix clothing looking confused about the weather being hot and cold at the same time. During the event we interview people about climate change and seen how much do they know. 
I’ve been in the Urban Youth program, formally known as The Urban Youth Racing School, for years now. I am also in a naval engineering program, where I help to build navy engines with actual navy officers. Through my participation in these programs, I know that technology exists that can completely provide energy for cars and other vehicles, without using gasoline, so companies and governments should look into that.

If we can find a way to make electrically powered engines run faster and more efficiently, we as a society can charge our cars opposed to fueling them through gasoline. We can place charging centers in parking spaces at supermarkets, powered by the environmental activity that takes place regardless of whether or not we capture that untapped free flowing energy. Our cars already have multiple computers in them, so we’re moving in the direction of using more chargeable technology anyway. Why not integrate this kind of technology completely?

75% of the planet is water, and this, too, can be used to create clean energy. There are already environmental specialists that are using hydro compressors to channel saltwater into machines that remove the salt from the water, allowing for it to be drinkable. In 20 years, 20% of the population will not have access to drinkable water, even though 40% of people live near coasts.

Through reverse osmosis, and the technology that allows us to purify water, we can create energy that can be used for businesses, schools, and municipalities, and give people drinking water. Underwater windmills could also feed cities energy as well, but if money from governments, foundations, and more organizations is not supportive of these kinds of initiatives, we’ll never see these technologies in our cities.

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Through engineering and sustainability. He is trying to be able to build an eco-friendly energy source. Engineering is his future career in college and he felt like the program his help him narrow down his choice within engineering.

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I spoke to her and Also had her fill out a survey. She said that the program helped her recognize her love for writing and people. This helps me know that the program is influencing her in a positive way. Also the program help her from being a judgmental person.

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The Composting project that is going on inside of masterman. This is just the prototype for the SLA composting program that's supposed to  happen inside of SLA. They already have the space and student. They will be building as soon as the weather break and it’s warmer.