Jhazzelle Majarucon Capstone

For my capstone project, I decided to create a montage of my trip to Costa Rica with 9 other girls and 2 teachers from SLA. The trip was a field study in the small village of the Bribri community. Over the course of 9 days, our trip consisted of exploring the capital city of San Jose, driving for 6 hours then taking a boat ride to the community, a 2 day service, beach time, and much more. During our time in the Bribri village, we bonded with the Bribri people and completed community service for 2 days in which we built a water pipe system for two houses. There’s so much more that I can talk about during my time in Costa Rica and that is why I decided to document parts of the trip so it would give the audience an overview of my experience and the girls’ experience as well.

I knew even before the trip happened that it was going to be an amazing and eye-opening experience which led me to film almost everything that we did. I documented our experiences from San Jose, the Bribri community, and even the beach after a few days of service. Every single day, I made sure that I had filmed the most important parts of the day for the montage content. However, I learned that it is difficult to focus on what is going on around you if technology is in your hands. Despite my willingness to document my experience in Costa Rica, especially the Bribri community, I wish I didn’t have to stress about having enough memory storage, my phone or camera falling in the water, not capturing the important moments through the lens, and getting a good camera angle. We shouldn’t focus on these, but instead focus on what nature has to offer around us. Regardless, I gained so much knowledge in such little time and I will be able to cherish the beautiful experience forever with this project I completed.

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