Jmack's Slide

I made my slide this way to show that right away you’ll see the three general things that are really important in my life. I didn't want my slide to have so many words or pictures because it’ll make the slide look too messy. My slide has a pretty colorful background with shoes bleeding off the screen so it looks bigger. I chose this background because it shows others how much I love shoes and gives a very strong image of colors to catch the reader’s eyes. I named my slide Justin’s World because there are the three main things that goes on in my life which is basketball, video games, and social media. I made the font big and the color bright so that it would catch the person’s eye. I put a picture of my basketball team and the organization I play for because it shows how dedicated I am to the organization. I made the social media and video game picture transparent because I am not getting as interested into those two things as much anymore. I think that my slide was a good start.

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