John Winthrops City On a Hill

Anna Roman, Markia Johnson, Alaya White, Douglas Wallace


Valley girl vernacular:

Omg the only way to like avoid this problem of like splitting  up is to like come together with God. and like love, walk and like talk with god, as one person, and i mean like always stay together and treat each other like you know the good way. Not only that but we have to like make sure we go through our things and get rid of anything that is last season and give them to you know like the needy.  We must always stay together and love each other. We have to like to do everything together cry, put on make up, and even walk our dogs together. We have to always think of the people like around us and think about keeping the peace and if we do that god will be happy with us.



British vernacular:

You see God will command a blessing on our ways, so we can see so much more of his wisdom, goodness, and truth then we had been aquatinted with and discover that the God of Israel is with us. When ten of us will be able to face many of our enemies. Our story will be remembered by succeeding generations. AS the Lord made it for New England. That we shall be a city on the hill. Everyone is watching us, so if we are naughty and do wrong with our god in what we do, he will withdraw his present from us. We will be made a story.


Stereotypical black vernacular:

And everybody in da world gotta let the enemies talk. Let em talk! Let em talk about God and teachers and all-uh-dat. And anybody who talkin' bout praying to multiple gods and having servants. I'm like What? There is only ONE God! Forget all of them! They really need to shut up!


Sub Vernacular (  a way of speaking created by SLA students ):

Listen don't be a sub. You have to follow what the lord says in his commandments so we can go forward and bring some children into the world and the Lord won't firesub us and neglect us forever. But forreal formal we could sub his commandments. And follow other Gods to help ourselves but I don't want the boul to spaz out and kill us.


Stereotypical black vernacular:

We gotta live… So our children could live. Do what God says. Listen to him because he da only Lord and the Only way!