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Assignment 1: This diagram is a showing of how I receive my internet. The internet connection comes into my house through the internet cloud and my modem receives the connection. Once in the house it comes to my third floor and drops using wi-fi, which drops down to all other floors. My ISP(provider)is Verizon. For the use of Verizon every month, it causes $112.00. The total costs for the year is $1,344.00. Everything is connected to the network because of the wifi that I have in my house. Anything that is not wireless, is connected through an ethernet cord. On my home network, there are multiple items. I have three cell phones, two computers, a printer, and a laptop. All of these things are through my ethernet and wifi.
Reflection: The diagram above shows the network that I have in my home. It shows how everything is connected through my local area network. On my local network, there are multiple devices. On there is two laptops, a laptop, three phones, and a printer. I also learned a lot in teaching myself. I learned that there is more to it then just a modem and a pc. I learned that there is a ethernet cord, a internet and more!!!!If there are people out there that would like a home network, I would tell them to look over things and study what you are getting into. I would also tell them to change their password for their home network connection. This is so no one can find it out!! This is what I learned in my Tech experience.