Jordan McLaughlin Capstone Project

This project was a blog which explored the in and outs of a massive multiplayer online game called World of Warcraft. The reason that this topic of study was chosen is because the major I will be studying in college is computer science, with a concentration in game development. I think this project was a good idea because it helps me understand what the developers do, and the numbers behind the decisions that are made. In these blog posts I also talked about other things more related to the game in general and not so much calculations. There were a few struggles that I had while completing this project, some of which include not having anything to calculate thus leading to non-quantitative work. These articles also made me understand the decisions that developers have made. For example talking about the differences be 10 and 25 man have made me come to the realization about how sometimes you try to make things the same but it naturally can’t be, this doesn’t just apply to programming, but applications of real life has affects on the game itself.