Joshua Melendez Capstone


For my capstone I decided to do it on Poetry and Coaching the SLA poetry team. I helped coach them in the PYPM SLAM LEAGUE competition, which incorporates a lot of high school teams and even some elementary school teams from all over Philadelphia. The PYPM SLAM LEAGUE is an intellectual friendly competition. The main point of this competition was for students to meet new people and help youth discover the power of their voices. Personally I think poetry is a great thing that helps kids bloom into leaders and is a positive thing that could change lives. 
     This topic fits into my area of interest because poetry was something I have been doing on my free time. I’ve been writing since seventh grade and started competing in poetry competitions since my freshmen year of high school. Poetry also relates to my life goals in a way because poetry is something I want to keep doing and want to teach to others. I feel as though poetry can benefit someone in so many different ways and is a fantastic art form to help people to express themselves in a positive way. 

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