Writing helps you connect by allowing you to read words that others have said and understand them, draw conclusions, and think about what they are trying to say. You can write something down to convey a message.

Writing helps me connect with other's because people can see how I feel about the world, and what is beneath the surface. Many people assume I'm a certain way because of my outer appearance, but aren't aware of the reasons why. When writing I can reveal those mysteries and help people understand why I am the way I am.

I've had people I've worked with never be interested in me or become surprised when they view thing's I've written. They are always shocked at how radical and unexpected my opinions, it's as if they don't expect me to be as smart as I sound. They don't expect be to have an opinions, because I'm so young. They don't expect me to understand things, or being able to recognize the ubiquity of things they call normalcy, as nonsense in my mind.