Journal Entry

History Journal #29:

"The Somebodies"

Those who dream of navigation without maps. Those who wish to be like bees. The somebodies that begin their name with a bumble. Everyone dreams of having the sixth sense they possess, but these hopefuls aren't even using all of their 5. They can try and try, forgetting to bring maps. But they'll always end up lost in the end. Perishing, waking up each day like the last, aspiring to be like THEM. The somebodies are falling in numbers. Owners of infinite knowledge. The somebodies; those with everything, seeming like nothing, but still something.
    No way ---> someway.
    No return ---> some paths.
    No hope ---> some to spare.
    No maps ---> no problems.
The somebodies, the Bess, like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", knowing always of where they'll land.