Journal entry 3#

I didn’t really feel anything when the “N word” was said to us from the book we are reading in class. We are getting older and becoming more mature and there are words we’ll have to encounter as we grow older. It’s an important thing to encounter because the world isn’t always going to be rainbows and butterflies. No one has a perfect life, and people who try to avoid these words are avoiding the real world. In the real world there are sometimes people who don’t think about their actions, or they’re bad and disrespectful people. You will come across all sorts of people in your life time, And I know that isn’t something we have any control over. People are going to use fowl language and it is more important to know how to react, than to be angry or disappointed with them because that isn’t always the best approach. The word is awful, but inevitable. And in my mind words are only what you make them out to be. I also think that it’s inappropriate because nobody should be insulted in that way but unfortunately people will use that language.