Benchmark Journal 1 

(aside) I have rubbed this young quat almost to the sense,

And he grows angry.  Now, whether he kill Cassio

Or Cassio him, or each do kill the other,

Every way makes my gain.  Live Roderigo,

He calls me to a restitution large

Of gold and jewels that I bobbed from him

As gifts to Desdemona. 

It must not be.  If Cassio do remain

He hath a daily beauty in his life

That makes me ugly.  And besides, the Moor

May unfold me to him—there stand I in much peril. 

No, he must die.  But so, I hear him coming. 


Iago at this point has taken a few steps away from Roderigo turns his head, and is speaking to himself.  He has this look upon his face of sneakiness.  He isn’t talking angrily at all, but more of in a sneaky soft voice.  As he continues to speak to himself he becomes cautious, because he knows that if Roderigo even starts to get suspicious, he will be done, for that will be his life.  Then again he knows that Roderigo is not smart enough to figure him out.  Iago now looks at Roderigo and makes a decision that he must die.  In this speech any time that Iago says  Othello’s name or says the Moor his voice gets aggressive because he doesn’t like him at all.  While he is doing his speech to himself one hand is in his pocket while the other hand is on his mouth,covering it so that Roderigo does not see him speaking to himself.  

Benchmark Prep Journal #2


  • Emilia was in a big scene,when she stole her handkerchief from Desdemona and gave it to her husband Iago in Act 3, scene 3. 
  • Another was when Emilia was right there when Desdemona was getting screamed at by Othello for not knowing where the handkerchief was at in Act 3, scene 3. 
  • Lastly, in Act 5 scene 2, Emilia had confessed to giving the handkerchief to Iago because he asked for it.  This was after Othello had killed his beloved wife.  


  1. Emilia at first does not think anything of stealing the handkerchief from Desdemona because it was for her husband, and she will do anything for him.  She feels this way because Iago’s love for her has faded.  Emilia knows this because when she was talking to Desdemona she was babbling on about how a man should love his wife and how much Othello loves Desdemona and it kind of sounded like jealousy. She see’s how happy Othello is with Desdemona and she wants that with Iago again. She is willing to do anything at the moment to please her husband. Even though it is hurting someone else she thinks that she will gain from it in the end.  
  2. Emilia was going on this whole time throughout the play with no idea on what Iago was plotting on doing, so when she gave him the handkerchief it just was the icing on the cake for him.  When Emilia went into Othello’s room and saw his wife suffocated she wanted to know why . When he started to explain, and he brought up the handkerchief it was a trigger, all she could say was “My husband?” She knew then that she was a part of Iagos plan.  She didn’t think that her husband would do such a thing but everything in her head started to make sense and she was able to see how bad of a person her husband Iago really was.  
  3. We understand this character's motivations better when we concentrate only on their scenes because we are then able to have a close reading and analyze their state of mind. We are also able to put ourselves in their shoes and really understand their feelings towards the situation that they were put in to.  We can imagine the scene and understand how the surroundings effects the characters. We are also able to envision what their actions might have been like in the situation, like if they were pacing, yelling ,or talking to themselves. It would just help clarify the way the situation is taken under control. 

Benchmark Prep Journal #3 

The Duke of Venice was born as an only child.  His father and his mother were very wealthy people. The Duke as a child was spoiled, but only to a certain extent.  His parents wanted him to grow up to know how and want to make his own money even though he had money.  That is the reason why he is the Duke.  He strived to be on top because thats what his parents wanted him to do. The reason why the Duke is okay with Othello being black is because when he was younger his best friend was a little black boy, but his parents didn’t like the idea of him playing with a black boy.  The Duke doesn't want Desdemona’s best friend / lover to be taken away from her just because of the color of his skin.  

Benchmark Prep Journal #4 

For my performance of the Duke I will be making sure that I stand up and speak loud because he is a very proper man because he is like a king.  He does not talk with any type of slang. I will be making sure that I respect people and give them eye contact because that is what people who respect others do, and I feel like he is a very respectful person. I will also be talking with curiosity, I will be doing this because I feel as though the Duke is put in this very odd situation and he doesn’t really know how to handle it and he is curious to hear what they all have to say about the situation to prove their case.  

The prop that I will be using will be a royal chair. I will be using a throne because I am the Duke.  In the situation/scene that I am in, I am the highest, I am above all of the other characters. The Chair represents a sense of power and a separation in social classes.  While everyone is talking, my chair is going to be placed in a position as if i’m looking down on them and they have to look up at me.  This will show that I look down on them and they look up to me.  They come to me because I am who they believe in.  

My group's presentation will stand out because we  have a scene where you would think not much is happening on stage,but we are very good with making eye contact and interacting with one another on the stage.  Our group has talked about  what props we would use and what they would symbolize on the stage. We also agreed on the way that we would transition on and off the scene.  I think my group will stand out because we worked well together and it flows.  

Benchmark Prep Journal #5 

I feel as though an important line that The Duke said was, “But,Othello,speak:did you by indirect and forced courses subdue and poison this young maid’s affections? Or came it by request and such fair question ss soul to soul affordeth?” This line is important to the play because it tells the audience that the Duke does not take any sides he is not jumping to the conclusion that he put a spell on Desdemona. He is giving Othello a chance to explain his side of the story. Here it’s important because its kind of like he is mocking Brabantio.  I say this because he was like, okay, did you steal this girl’s heart by casting a spell or now speaking realistically, where you such a good man she fell in love with you for you? The way I delivered this line in the play was in a sarcastic way because like I  it sounds like mocking. I also did it in a concerned way because then again I am the Duke and I am supposed to be as professional as I can.  I had to be respectful to both sides of the stories. I also did this line sitting down in my throne while everyone was standing because I wanted them to know that I was the one who held the power in the situation.  

I feel as though my groups performance went as we expected and planned. We planned for everyone to have a prop that brought meaning to the scene and they did that. They did not put their backs to the audience. They also spoke clear and loud so that everyone could hear and understand. We did a great job I think with bringing a lot of emotions into the scene so everyone could feel what we felt,and with the actions so that everyone could see how we felt. Now that it is over I am very proud that my group had fun working together. One thing that I would do differently was learn my lines.  

Performing the play changed my understanding of it because I was able to feel how the characters felt in the scenes. It also helped me understand the stage directions a little more and who was talking to who while they where in the scenes with a whole lot of people.