Journal #2:

Choose another secondary character from Othello (that is, not Othello or Iago or Desdemona) and investigate the play for his/her perspective. Answer the following prompts in paragraph format (150-200 words.)

Name a couple of important scenes that this character appears in. (You'll have to look them up, and include the act and scene numbers.)

- What does this character observe first hand? (What do they see personally?)

- What does this character observe second hand? (What are they told by other characters?)

- How can we understand this character's motivations better when we concentrate only on their scenes?

My name is Emila What I see is this young pretty lady who's in love with a man and would do anything for him. He also mistreats her and she doesn't know why, I mean I been around for sometime now and I'm starting to see the difference between the two.I felt it weird how my husband ask for the hanckercheif . I didn't want to ask any questions because I have to respect him. But over the time I saw that my lady was scare and I didn't have the heart to tell her what I've have done because then I would of been killed, but I never knew what my lord want it for. I think we can have a better understanding the scenes because if anyone see that way he started talkin to her and how he call her whores and hit her. and the only part about it is that she does not know what really going.

Journal #3

Write a character background using your Character Sheet as a guide. Tell the story of the life of the character before they enter the play. Explain how these events influenced them to be the kind of person they are duing the events of the play.

150 - 200 words.

I’m married to Iago, We been together for some time now and thought about having children some day.

I consider my self a wonderful women of god and to my lord. On the other had I’m a maid for my mistress Desdemona and when I’m with her it seem as if we talk about anything and I love my Mistress becuase she does not treat me as if i’m her maid I would think of my self as a friend to her or something like a sister who I have to perform my dutys to. However when I found out my husband lie to Othello about how my Mistress has faults him I started to see the Iago was a bad man and only care about his self and not me as his wife.Iago wanted to killed who ever got in his way including me, It was unforgetable how he could of hurt his friend Othello and my Mistress Desdemond and then on top of that hurting me most of all his wife some who care and love him for him.

Jouranl #4

This is your last journal before your group's performance on Tuesday! Please respond to the following prompts in paragraph format (150-200 words):

- What specific actions, movements, and tone of voice are you bringing to your character during your performance?

- What PROP and/or COSTUME item is your character going to have? (It is your job to brainstorm one item that you are responsible for. Some props are clear, like a handkercheif or a wine glass. Others will take a little more creativity!)

- What is going to make your group's presentation stand out? What have you worked on and agreed on as a group for your scene?

I’m othello and I see that my character has a nasty tone he does not care about anyone but his self durning my performance because she was letting Iago get to him telling him anything that was true becuase Othello was thinging like this is my friend he is true and would not lie to him or even hurt their friendship. The whole time othello didn’t know that Iago was trying to get at him or hurt him because first he was black and then on top of that he was the man in charge

Journal #5

Answer these prompts in paragraph format (350-400 words -- longer this time!)

- Analyze one of your lines from your scene. Quote it directly and then explain why it is important to the play, and how you showed its importance in your performance. How did you deliver this line?

- Did your group's performance go as you expected and planned? Now that it is over, what are you proud of? What would you have done differently in your performance?

- How did performing the play change your understanding of it? …...

From Reading the lines I saw how othello felt mad and scare because desmonde was the love of his life. Othello didn’t know how to deal with his problems, he was only going by what he hear.Also you can see the evil through they way he speak and talks to her. Othello make her feel like she a whore and that she did something wrong and the wrong time it was not her fault. Iago was the start of all his problem he went back telling othello that she was messing around with his friend. But emila who was her mistress she tried to tell fine Othello but it seem that Iago had him wrap around his fingers. In the text it states “: Are there no stones in heaven but what serve for the thunder?--Precious villain!”

I think this line it trying to say that in heaven god is not going to blame you or judge for anything that you do becuase in the bible it states that god will forgive you for all your sins

It chage because he was begin so mean and build up with some much hate it was hard for me to understand because in the begging he was madly in love with her.Me and my group did very well We had to show everyone the emotion we had as playing these characters

OTHELLO: Will you, I pray, demand that demi-devil why he hath thus ensnared my soul and body?