Jschwartz Process Paper

Putting together the project was a group effort and I think because there was successful collaboration and idea support our final product was clear and comprehensive. That being said, we very few problems in our attempt to convey the risks, factors, and general facts of teen pregnancy. Group participation, teacher approval, and a clear message were all things that were needed to be coalesced, and in the end we created a solid project.

I had wanted to use some form of social media to present a good portion of the project. I felt, in today's teenage mind, the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become the fundamental means of communication between teens. My group and I chose Twitter, because of the many similar pages on teen pregnancy. Facebook would have been harder to use because a page's post is only properly represented if that person has a myriad of friends. Similarly, for a person on Twitter to be heard, that tweeter needs to have a large amount of followers, but the level of prevalence of a Twitter post was found to be much higher than that of Facebook.

Once our Twitter was customized and we had a good number of tweets, we moved on the next main part of the meat of the project. My group had the great idea of putting up posters with quick facts and catchy slogans to catch a reader's eye. We put up the posters which are only about 2 square feet, in the stairwells and hallways, because we thought we could have them be seen by the most people. On all of the posters, my group included a QR code linked directly to a teen pregnancy website. This website was full of reasons why it is best to wait until marriage to have sex. We felt it was good to choose the website because it provided factual information as well as humorous descriptions of what might happen to an unwed teen who has sex. 

Lastly, we wanted to figure out a way of calculating how well our project was received to the public. We thought about ways to count the number of visitors on the QR code linked website, or just record the number of followers we have on twitter. I feel the best way we examined how well our project was received was our in-class presentation. The class had questions, which to me, is a result of curiosity of the topic, which was our goal. 

As a whole my group members Helen, Mike, Kieara, and Shannon, all created a project that presented what teen pregnancy can do. When we took initiative to give each other jobs and make sure everyone stays on task, our objective was always in sight and we finished in a timely fashion. I would definitely do this project again with the same group.