Julia Hood It's Complicated Reflection

Today I read a part of the book "It's complicated. " This book seems to have very controversial views/ ideas from what I've read. It told a lot of information that is in a format that will be likable by many different types of people. 
One thing that I did not agree with was the constant reminder of the interchangeable use of bullying and drama. This is something that I have lived through and I wish that I would have realized that they are not as interchangeable as many people today use it. I had people who I called my friends bully me, but it was just called "drama" and "girls being girls" or "girls being petty" by authority figures who I tried to get help from. This didn't help the situation at all, and made it worse in some ways. 
I saw a lot of people that the author interviewed saying that bullying didn't occur at their school when it obviously did. I think that this is caused by not enough education on the harmful effects of bullying, and what bullying actually is. Many kids just see bullying as physical or direct verbal abuse, not as rumors or talking behind people's back. I look at all of this now and realize how lucky I am that SLA takes all of this so seriously because my old school didn't and I feel a lot safer in this school. I also realize that I am very lucky that I have been properly educated on the topic of bullying and I would like to do more to prevent it in the future.