Julien Sykes Capstone

America is supposed to be land of the free and the home of the brave.  This is supposed to be a place where everyone is treated equally and fairly but yet we still have a mindset that dates back to the 1800's.  Recently, there have been a lot racial tension and friction because of the case of Michael Brown.  His killer, Officer Darren Wilson, was not tried for his crime and still continues to live as a free man.  That decision brought so much devastation and hopelessness to some of my peers that I felt obligated to do something about it.  This extremely unfortunate incident sparked inspiration for my Capstone.  I felt that topic in the media is often overlooked and I wanted to shed some light on it but I also wanted to be creative with my Capstone.  I didn't want it to be a generic piece of work that I did not care about at all so I gathered some artists around the school who made submissions and gave explanations on why they support the cause and what their piece represents/symbolizes.  The platform I decided to use was a website because the site can live forever on the Internet and would not be so easily forgotten.  If we want to change to happen, we have be a constant presence in the face of our attackers.  

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This website gave me the insight I needed to make an attractive website.  I want my website to be something that we easy on the eyes and can still keep the interest of the reader.

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I needed to find multiple sources on the same topics to see which ones were the most mentioned.  Since some tips were very repetitive, I feel that they were the most important to address and follow through with.

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Another thing every website needs is notoriety.  For my Capstone to make an impact on society, I had to learn how to make it a topic on everyday conversations amongst people.  Therefore, I needed to gain insight as to how to approach it.

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To keep my website from being boring or generic, I used this article to find more extraordinary ways to present my website’s presence to other people.  I also felt that with a creative way to reach people, my site was bound to be remembered by them.

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This another source on how to build an effective site.  It contains tips on how to build a site for a business but I still think they can apply for my site/blog.

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Since I want to attract a diverse group of readers to my website, I needed to learn how to attract an audience.  This source really helps me understand how to readers will think and react to the different aspects of the sites they visit.

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This is another source for achieving notoriety for your site.  I feel that multiple sources can it easier to determine which pieces of advice are the most important.

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When I found this source, I thought that it would help my notoriety in an upward direction as the rest of them would.

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This article is different in terms of content.  This site gives the signs and giveaways of what audience your site attracts and how to change that if necessary.

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This source gave me the information I needed to build an audience.  It suggests reaching all parts of the demographic with universal, objective content.