Justin Pullins Capstone

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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 1.08.08 PM

From a very young age, I became greatly aware of the power of great storytelling, and how it can truly resonate with me. As a person who considers his true passion to lie within the arts, I grew up with an amazing fascination for film, television, theatre, and music. However, age has taught me that the true reason for this fervid, passionate interest was because of the core element and common thread that unites all works of art: the story. All of these early experiences have taught me the power of the story, and have instill upon me the passion for creating and writing works that hold great power. I believe that a story can truly change the world.

One of the most durable and impactful mediums in which to express and tell a great story is the theatre. The incredible connection that can be made through live interactions is astounding. Ultimately, it is the staging not just of a show, but of an event.

For my Capstone, I decided to write a play, harnessing the ever-changing ideologies and beliefs of my mind. The play, entitled Prophesy Landing, is the story of a dystopic, anarchist, decentralized world set many years in the future. Due to the ever increasing influence of humans doing "unnatural" things, a great event has happened, causing the world to be unable to support the modern way of life. In this new world, our characters are only regulated to acts that are deemed "natural", as not to disrupt the earth again. Ultimately, they must question their own natural moralities and understand what "normal" truly is.


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