Justin Siegel Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to make a green space at SLA. My goal was to have a project that I was passionate about and also involved engineering design. I planned to have a green space that was automated, meaning you could use a computer to control different variables affecting plant growth. For example, if you wanted to water the plants you could click a button, and the plants would automatically be watered. I did a lot of research as I was planning this project, and I learned a whole lot about different ways to grow plants in the process. An interesting feature in my design, included two fish tanks that held the water used to water the plants. Recently a green club was founded at SLA and I was planning to have them use the space that I built, but now I will be giving them my conceptual design. Hopefully someone can continue and follow through with my plan to have a green space on the fifth floor.

Capstone Process+ Paper