Justine Koffi/ Indium in Phones

My element is Indium and the atomic number is 49. Indium was discovered in Germany by german scientists. Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Theodor Richter founded it in 1863. The scientists were actually looking for thallium in zinc ores, but they found an indigo line in the samples spectrum. That is why they named the element indium.

Indium can now be found in transistors in a lot of technology, It can be found in phones, computers, televisions, and more. That is why i chose a cell phone to be my image for this project. Indium isn’t that abundant and it isn’t found in that many things, but a cell phone is one of them. I was going to do a television at first, but I thought a phone would be more interesting.

I made three sketches, a phone, a tv, and a computer. All of them looked pretty basic, but I chose a phone so I can decorate the lock screen and make it more interesting. I made four prints, surprisingly, all of them turned out great. I’m keeping two to myself and two to Ms.Hull. I should've made it more colorful, I wanted to do like an ombre, but I didn’t.

Overall, I liked this project and how hands on it was.