Kabbour Rizq NHD reflection America though out the ages

Our NHD project

We chose the Topic of America through out the ages because it combined aspects from all of our projects effectively  and we felt we could do a lot with such a broad topic. We chose the format because we new from the beginning  that the message would best be conveyed through using videos. But after a few brainstorming sessions we decided we could not get everything across with just video or just words so we chose the website because it effectively combined the two mediums to make a project we would be proud of. Also we felt it would be the most accessible to the largest amount of people. We did not really run into any problems with the project the brain storming and coming up with how to host all the info we wanted was the only part that was a bit of a struggle the rest just came fairly naturally. What went well in the project was the videos and presentation. I liked the way the video went as a summary of the event for people who did not understand the background and the text was the analysis. I feel that if i ran across our website on the internet i would feel safe using it as a source to reference for a similar work. The project went quite swimmingly and i can not think of a thing I would change about it. To do the project it required we looked up information about some of the most important events in american history. I felt that it let me refresh my memory on a lot of topics i already had an understanding of but not a mastery. After this project though i feel confident in discussing at length any of the events mentioned.