Kadija`s Q3 Art Portfolio

Kadija`s Artist Statement:
Looking at my artwork and the way I work, I always want to make sure that I tell a story. I make sure that everything that I do, I stay true to myself. Throughout the 3rd marking period, I have had some trials and tribulations. One of which was with my self portrait using ink. I accidentally let the portrait sit around in the room without making sure it was secure, and then someone ripped it unfortunately.
 At first I thought that I had to start over, but then I thought about how this could tell a story, and so I taped it up, and created artwork. I knew that without that rip it would`t be the same. That is how I wanted my artwokr to be, different and something that I knew could tell a story.
I liked this quarter a lot, because I think that I really showed how I could be creative and also go out my comfort zone. Last trimester, I think that I had not gone out my comfort zone and stayed very safe. I think this quarter I could really show off my art skills.