Kadija Koita Artist Blog

​This time last year, I would not be able to do the things that I can do now in art. When I first received our assignment, I knew that I would be able to really show my true colors. I remembered last year being that I had to do tasks, but this year, I feel that I can do what I feel speaks to me the most. 
With the ceiling tile, I thought that this would be hard, going off that this was a large piece of board and I would have too much space to work with, but I came to an epiphany that as long as you knew that you tried your best and put your creative minds on, then space was not an issue. This happened with a lot of my artwork. About how I thought that a lot of space symbolized not enough work or energy. This was incorrect. 
I loved the pieces that Hull chose for us, because it showed dynamic in the amount of creativeness we had. We could do something that involved cutting or we could do something that involved painting. All together, you would be able to show how much you grew as an artist. I know with me, I was able to see how I could do different areas of art, as where last year, I wasn`t to good in certain sections.