Kaitlyn Petroski Capstone

There are two parts to my capstone. The first is a website, which acts as a resource that holds information about pet adoptions and the negative associations with puppy mills. The second part is an Instagram account that aims to engage an audience and draw them toward learning more. To get the final product, I first had to decide what I wanted to actually do. It’s changed a lot since my first idea, but I settled on the website and Instagram and quickly started my planning phase. I outlined the pages that I wanted to include on the website and brainstormed ideas for posts. After that I had to research, a lot. This was probably the longest part of my project, partially because it is ongoing. After I compiled enough information I started making posts and captions and the website. This took a lot of trial and error and editing, but in the end I can say that I am proud of the final. Even though the project is turned in, it will never be finished, there will always be things that can improved, edited, and added. 

Project: tinyurl.com/PAWcross

Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17S_qYH7CgspRJaUfrrK9ENKHeDTobgcbi0HUm1u8dtQ/edit?usp=sharing