Kara Lazorko Capstone


I spoke to black girls, and they told me colors other than nude were “too loud” or “too much to wear in public.” Myself being a dark skin girl who wears a variety of colors on my face, knew that I had to prove what was being said wrong. Not only wrong, but had to raise awareness and confidence to black girls who don’t think colors are meant to be worn. Throughout the month of April I spoke to a group of black sophomore students and got them to come with me to Sephora to observe the limitless colors that they could wear. It resulted in them feeling more comfortable wearing colored makeup.

My inspiration of doing a YouTube video was for the fact the visuals being better than words. It was an opportunity to combine creativity with a message. I not only needed the message heard but seen and spread.

The point of my project; “Color with Color” was to raise awareness the the issue of dark skin girls wearing makeup colors other than nude. The goal of my YouTube video was to wear different shades of lipstick that I purchased to represent my idea. Each color had a different look and item. For example, the orange look was paired with a large orange sweatshirt and an orange lighter. Another example would be the green look was paired with a normal green t-shirt and a rose. The whole point of switching each of the lipsticks with the outfits was to demonstrate how much the color pops.